Quotes and Poems

Quotes are powerful tools that can be used to motivate, persuade, inspire, influence. Quotes are great motivational tool for business owners to keep them engaged, enthusiastic and engaged. Just as Albert Einstein‘s imagination led to a new era in physics, a poet’s creativity can lead to a deeper understanding of an issue. And from those feelings and memories come quotes, which you can turn into poems or song lyrics. Enter Tumblr poetry. It’s found its home — quite fittingly — on the Internet’s leading quote-sharing website, Tumblr.


Quotes are powerful. They can inspire, motivate, create vision, make someone cry, or make you laugh. There is something about quotes that reaches us inside. The Message Quotes brings you some of the world’s most famous quotes through quotes memes, images and sayings. Kind Moments – Poems can be a source of inspiration and an amazing way to show appreciation to someone. It has been said that the simplest cookies are often the best. The same can be said about a simple song. Life is about living for others and if you focus on contributing daily, small acts of kindness will come naturally. Nice words of affirmation expressed from one person to another will make an impact of love, care and appreciation whether spoken or written.

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