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“grandmaster chess strategy pdf free download” is the first in a series of “Winning Chess” books co-authored by American International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan and American International Master Jeremy Silman. It is an altogether excellent book that does a wonderful job of instructing beginners on how to play chess.

I usually don’t purchase books intended for beginning chess players, but since “Play Winning Chess” is the first in a progressive series of books (the others being “Winning Chess Tactics,” “Winning Chess Strategies,” “Winning Chess Combinations,” “Winning Chess Openings,” and “Winning Chess Endings”), I decided to begin with the basics. I’m glad I did.

What most impresses me about this book is how very well written it is. Seirawan and Silman are both exceptionally knowledgeable writers who convey their ideas with clarity, precision, and humor. Seirawan and Silman’s prose reminds me a little of the late, great chess author Fred Reinfeld’s writing, and I consider that to be high praise indeed.

“Play Winning Chess” is a very well-organized book. After covering the history and basic rules of chess, the authors explain their concepts with simplicity, according to four time-tested basic principles that will lead aspiring chess players to play winning chess. The four principles are: Force, Time, Space, and Pawn Structure. Examples from games they played illustrate these principles in a clear and easily understandable manner. The book contains a bounty of diagrams to illustrate the authors’ points. However, the diagrams in the Kindle versions tend to be very small.

“Play Winning Chess” is perhaps the best novice player’s chess book I’ve ever read. It belongs in every serious beginner’s library. Highly recommended.

Play Winning Chess Pdf Free Download

Play Winning Chess is an introduction to the moves, strategies and philosophy of chess, with clear explanations of the games, fundamental and instructive examples, question-and-answer sections, sample games and psychological hints.

About the Author

Yasser Seirawan is a three-time U.S. Champion, the 1989 Western Hemisphere Champion, and an eight time member of the U.S. chess Olympiad team. He was the first American to vie for the World Championship title since Bobby Fischer. Currently one of the world’s top-ranked chess players, he is one of only a handful of players to have defeated world champions Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov in tournament play. play winning chess pdf free download

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