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Perhaps you’ve found yourself online and haven’t had the answer you desire but that won’t occur at centguide.com. If you want to learn about the book kachin diabetes solution book pdf free download, then check out centguide.com. This book should be recommended to everyone upon diagnosis. It is the most comprehensive and informative diabetes book I’ve found. The information provided has been a complete game-changer for our Type 1 child and our only regret is that we didn’t find it sooner! The 1.5 years we spent following the American Diabetes Association recommended dietary guidelines was full of fear of falling BG’s leading to scary hypos, and frustration at the super spikes we saw after meals that would not come down despite correction after correction. It was a roller coaster, and not a fun one. It was exhausting. The information in Dr. Bernstein’s book made so much sense and we knew we had to at least give his methods a try. We committed to one full week eating according to his recommendation. After one day, we were sold. Please see my photo in the customer images. We followed an exact diet provided by the nutritionist that was “perfectly balanced for a diabetic” for one full day. Then went 100% Bernstein the next day. The results were incredible. Now, our worst BG day graphs looks way better than the average T1’s BEST days! No more scary hypos on the regular, no more super stubborn highs that cannot be explained, no more up and down arrows on the Dexcom indicating rapid change in BG’s. Now, we can enjoy life and activities with confidence that our child’s BG will not plummet. We all get more sleep! Grades have gone up, less class time is missed, attitude has improved, and the cloud of depression lifting. Our whole family has converted to this way of eating and the whole family (non-diabetics included) has seen improved health. Of course there are challenges with this way of eating (as with anything) but I would take these challenges any day over the ones we experienced when managing her diabetes per the ADA recommendations. You owe it to yourself to give this method a try. Commit for a week and then decide whether it’s for you before shooting it down as sounding too extreme. And just know, it gets easier as you continue when the carb cravings get less and your body detoxes and adjusts to it’s new energy source (about 3 weeks). There are very supportive groups online of other families following Dr. Bernstein’s recommendations who can provide a lot of guidance. You can also check out Dr. Bernstein’s “Diabetes University” video clips on YouTube. They are short and topic-specific. And, even if you decide not to follow his advice, you will come away from the book with more tools in your toolbox, and more knowledge about the disease, and that will help you on your journey. It’s worth reading and comes highly recommended. The photo I uploaded speaks for itself!

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Originally published in 1997, DR. BERNSTEIN’S DIABETES SOLUTION is a unique resource that covers both adult- and childhood-onset diabetes, explains step-by-step how to normalize blood sugar levels and prevent or reverse complications, and offers detailed guidelines for establishing a treatment plan. Readers will find fifty gourmet recipes, in addition to a comprehensive discussion of diet, obesity, and new drugs to curb carbohydrate craving and overeating. Now in its fourth edition, the book presents up-to-the-minute information on insulin resistance, blood-testing devices, measuring blood sugar, new types of insulin, gastroparesis and other issues, as well as updated diet guidelines. DR. BERNSTEIN’S DIABETES SOLUTION is the one book every diabetic must own.

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Richard K. Bernstein, MD, is one of the world’s foremost experts in diabetes treatment and care. He is the author of six books about diabetes, including The Diabetes Diet. Dr. Bernstein is the emeritus director of the Peripheral Vascular Disease Clinic at Jacobi Medical Center, an instructor at New York Medical College, fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and as a consultant to the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. An attending physician at North Bronx Healthcare Network, he also maintains a private practice in Mamaroneck, NY, where he lives.

kachin diabetes solution book pdf

kachin diabetes solution book pdf free download

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